Robert Godridge Photography » Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona Arizona wedding photography by Robert Godridge Photography with a unique fine art photojournalistic style.

About Robert Godridge Photography

Robert Godridge Photography

My street name is Rob:)

Picked up my first SLR camera in 2008 when attending college at NAU!

Feel in love with photography and all of the emotions that accompany each picture

Wouldn’t trade being a wedding photographer for anything in the world

Absolutely Love capturing those unforgettable candid moments on the wedding day that will bring you joyful tears every time viewing your wedding images

One of my nicknames from a Bride/Groom is “Ninja Photographer”

I am a believer in love and everything that accompanies it. I might be the definition of a hopeless romantic

Watching bride and grooms say their vows brings me joy and gets me all gooey inside (don’t let anyone know I said that)

Once got mooned by four groomsman when taking pictures of the groom, the only time I regret having a photographic memory!

My ultimate weakness is peanut M&M’s and maybe some York mints

I am addicted to Crossfit and hikes on Camelback mountain

My two cats love to lay on my computer keyboard when editing, the undo button is my favorite

I am so blessed to be able to capture the love and joy on a wedding day

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